Global Consciousness Contact with Interstellar People

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Michio Kaku will participate in the World Ufology Congress in Barcelona

Dr. Michio Kaku will give unique presentation in Europe this year, the organizers of the World UFO Congress have announced.

The Third Ufology World Congress will bring together internationally renowned experts in Barcelona between 6-8th September 2019 in the five-star Hesperia Barcelona Tower hotel. The third edition will feature the honorable presence of Dr. Michio Kaku, who will give a scientific lecture and an autograph session.

Some of the world famous speakers this year include: Jan Harzan, Nick Pope, Dr. James Hurtak, Dra. Desiree Hurtak, Alfred Webre, Roberto Pinotti, Enrique de Vicente, Jean Pierre Garnier Malet, Josep Guijarro.

This year the Congress will present 25 workshops. Among them are: Cosmic revelation multiverse by Dr. and Dra. Hurtak and Exopolitics by Alfred Webre.

All lectures and events cover a wide range of aspects – extraterrestrial life, human hybrids, ufology and spirituality, UFO typologies and many more.

Presentations will be in English and Spanish. Simultaneous translations will be available.

Expanding the collective consciousness, centered in love is the leading slogan of this year’s event.

The Congress will take place on one stage so the information shared is experienced by one unified consciousness.

The core message the organizers want to convey is love, forgiveness and compassion for all humanity, despite the surfacing information in the field of ufology and politics. Their aim is to reach a worldwide audience of different nationalities for largest disclosure possible and to prepare a collective consciousness for extraterrestrial integration.

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